It is a professional surveying company well equipped and prepared for carrying out all detailed studies for big projects, e.g. Roads, Bridges Dams, and power Transmission line networks, setting out sites for various engineering services and development projects. The reputation of its staff workmanship and its state-of-the-art hardware and software granted it unmatched capabilities in providing the following services:

1) Route Surveying : (roads, transmission lines, pipelines, optical fiber lines etc.) which include route selection and optimization, detail surveying, profiling, quantity survey and drawing covering large scale linear and sub linear engineered systems.

2) Topographical Surveying :
is a prerequisite for irrigated schemes planning and replanning of towns, setting out construction works, GIS projects as the change in topography can have a great influence on determining the feasibility of a project.

3) Hydrographical Surveying :
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) plays a fundamental role in modeling spatially distributed hydrological processes. In hydrographic surveying, we study the quantities, distribution, circulation and physical properties of water bodies and also to provide an understanding of the local groundwater system for onsite wastewater disposal for future management of water. We use sophisticated instrument and techniques like Echosounders to measure channel depth. Considerable water quality and level information is compiled, reviewed, and organized to assist in the documentation of local hydrogeologic conditions, waste water practices, and evaluation of water quality. We always generate detailed reports from the recorded data and send it to the client.
We carry out surveying works throughout all over the Sudan and abroad, as the company combines a wealth of industry experience, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and the best quality control policy ensuring its undisputable number one position in the surveying industry market in the Sudan.