It is important for any Survey company to be well equipped with apt resources and to be able to meet the challenges of diverse projects. Subject to client requirements, site conditions and other project factors, the allocated and available resources, be it human or equipment, should enable the contractor to execute his/her project with time and cost effective means. ALMUMAIZ enjoys substantial resources - Human and Plant (equipment), in its own right. In addition, its two capital shareholders, place considerable opportunity and resources at its disposal. Backed by these resources, ALMUMAIZ is well established to execute projects whenever and wherever required. ALMUMAIZ owns latest versions of software and associated equipment.
ALMUMAIZ operates in the field of geoinformatics and digital data acquisition throughout the whole country of Sudan and abroad, with a staff of a lot of engineers and technicians from a wide range of experience and technical practice. Also, our surveying engineers were very good in determining coordinates of newly established control points in reference to the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF), which is a set of points with their 3-dimensional Cartesian coordinates which realize an ideal reference system, The International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS) as defined by the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) Vienna, 1991.
ALMUMAIZ has advanced digital surveying equipment for field and office works, such as dual frequency G.P.S. receivers, Robotic Total Stations, Echo Sounder, Precise Digital level, in addition to full automated equipment for reporting, drawings, and document management.
In summary ALMUMAIZ has all the necessary digital field and office equipment facilities which make it one of the leading companies in geoinformatics and related services in the Sudan.

Equipment & software:
The following are equipment and software resources, which ALMUMAIZ enjoys in its own right.
Dual frequency GPS receivers (6 units - Trimble).
Positioning Data Links Radio (PDL), (3 units).
Total Stations (8 units - Sokkia, Topcon and Leica).
Level instruments (2 Digital and 2 Automatic).
Theodolite instruments (2 Digital and 3 Optical).
General Construction Laser ().
Echo Sounder (2 Units).
Hand held GPS Navigators.
Plotters & Printers:

Arc GIS 10.2
Civil 3D 2014.
Land Development 2009.
Trimble Business Center.
Erdas 2013.
Leica Geo Office
Auto CAD 2014.